Waxed concrete kit

Discover our "waxed concrete kits" made specialy for professional and individual customers, quick and easy to apply.
With ours waxed concrete kits, you made your own wall and floor decoration.

  Easy to use, our waxed concrete can be apply on many surface:

- Kitchen, work plan and sink

- Bathroom

- wall and floor shower

- Outside and inside wall and floor

- Furnitures

Our waxed concrete kit may be apply on table, desk, bathtub and many others surfaces.

We suggest 4 waxed concrete kits:
Standard waxed concrete kit for inside walls and furnitures, Ultra-protection, special kitchen and bathroom waxed concret kit and swimming pool waxed concret kit.

  Instructions are very simple and easy to understand for everybody. Discover how to make a proper work.

  On pictures wall, you will see many work example: Kitchen, bathroom, shower etc.

  Our waxed concrete kit are available on 28 colors, go on colors page to see all of it.